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Rotraut Rumbaum

Mindful Motion

Artificial Intelligence and what it "thinks" about Tango and about names

Play around yourself and have quick results! Unfortunately, this approach doesn't always work in life - but here! Just click and enter a few words in English.

For example the phrase "Tango at the beach". Then some patience: may take 1-3 minutes. You will get a similar but in detail different result.

How this works

No, it's not "thinking," of course. This visual application of Google's Artificial Intelligence looks at millions of photos for the terms entered and extracts the visual essence, the essential patterns it sees. With this, the AI program then creates its own graphics that contain these essential elements.

In doing so, this AI can overlay or combine different terms in a meaningful way. For example, below, the forest is always in the background.

Thus, it reflects what millions of people have uploaded the most for certain terms.

And this is the result of: "Tango in the forest".

You see: the statistically significant visual representation of Tango is always the same spectacular "posing", whether on the beach or in the forest.

This is NOT what I do!

Oh dear - it doesn't always work out. What AI sees of Rotraut Rumbaum

Now I thought "maybe there are enough Tango photos of me to show me in a Tango context. How do I look an an artificial construct when I enter my somewhat unusual name"?

The result was this....! would say "red" comes up, and "cabbage". Why: my first name is "Rotraut". This is very close to "Rotkraut" (red cabbage). And out comes an undefined reddish vegetable pan. To look on the bright side: Yummy!

Now I'm curious if that's because of my rare name, or names at all, and try a random common German name: Petra Müller.

It works much better if your name is Petra Müller

Petra Müllers (Germans) wear short hair exclusively. Over the age of 45, all of them look somewhat stolidly into the camera, with their mouths closed. Knotted and a bit tense, if you ask me.

Attention: these are all synthetic images! No real persons have been hurt.

Now I want to know if women with other first names have longer hair.

Vanessa Johnson has long hair and shows teeth

I thought "nomen est hair make-up" and tried the random and slightly younger name, Vanessa Johnson. This is an American name.

Clearly: all Vanessa have long hair and show very white teeth. And much more skin. Vanessa has good eyes or contact lenses. Americans!

Vanessa Müller from Germany has long hair but doesn´t show teeth

But there are also German Vanessas. Do they have short or long hair?

Vanessa Müllers is a mixture of US and German:

Long hair, but no show of white teeth. And they are a bit blonder too.

American Petras have medium-length hair

They have long hair, but not quite as long as the American Vanessas. It's medium-length hair, also rather blond.

So, like the name, a mixture of German and American. And also no longer quite so young. And serious dark clothing.