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Rotraut Rumbaum  Mindful Motion

Rotraut Rumbaum

Mindful Motion

Tango Coaching, Sound and Therapy in Wiesbaden

Hello expats!

Fotografer: Kai Gebel

If you are in search of something new, and interested in learning, experience, and personal development (who is not...!), try me.

About me

Below you find my English-language "elevator-pitch" for my cozy but well known studio, in which I offer experiences and learning, combining dance, therapy and sound in individualised ways. So, I may match your needs in many ways.

I am a female German, having worked across Europe (mainly in Germany, Italy, France) and in Argentina.

My development crosses and mixes the fields of Tango Argentino teaching / coaching, therapy (dance therapy, trauma and attachment), and sound meditation.

"Mindful Motion" is a creative, unique, and individualised combination of elements of dance, therapy and sound.

So, while I will present each component, in practice we can mix and match depending on your interests, needs, skills, experience etc.

Tango Argentino Coaching

Tango Argentino is my original love, although today I have a somewhat different focus:. I jumped into Tango Argentino at age 25 and became a teacher quasi instantanously (I was seen as talented!).

With my partner Ricardo El Holandes we toured Germany, Europe, and spent time learning and producing a DVD (now downloadable) course in Argentina.

This is us - very intense! Admittedly a few years in the past! Here is a snippet from our Tango course:

Regarding Tango, I now call myself "Tango Coach": this is a type of Tango teaching focussing on what is above and beyond forms, rituals and conventions.

You can experience, how the elements of Tango Argentinoc an contribute to your life, to your relations, to your personal development and to spirituality.

You do not have to be an experienced Tango dancer. We can work with the simplest elements. However, you will learn a lot about Tango that you will not learn in classical Tango school.

Note: if what you need now is classical Tango lessons, I may not be the right one for you - just call me to clarify.


After these teaching years I settled as (dance) therapist. So I know about trauma, attachment, and couples.

Authentic Movement

One of my favorites is a form of movement called "Authentic Movement". It is an unstructured form of movement, totally different from Tango Argentino. It has received worldwide attention as a form to realise the healing capabilities of mindfulness and self-awareness through movement.

Here you find some theory, in English of course:

And this is me, in a free form movement. Very different from Tango! I love the flow, and the slowness!

Sound Meditation / Sound Healing

Eventually, I came across sound as another modality of intense experience and even healing. I picked up enthusiasm and training to play the gong in a specific meditative and generally quiet flowing style. Below you see my studio with my rather large gong, prepared for an intimate sound journey.

Interested to learn about sound meditation: check out the website of Alexandre Tannous (with whom I want to work one day).

My location and studio

Everyone loves my atmospheric studio in the center of Wiesbaden, close to garages and public transport.

This is where you find me:



Just contact me under

0163 877 8212


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