WIX Developer

What is coded functionality?

  1. In pages with repeaters from the "Texte" collection,  there is "collapse" functionality for fields that are defined on the site, and where the database does not contain a field   (buttons, images, headings)

  2. In the /home and the /tango-coach page, an wix.storage field "environment" is set, indicating where the user "comes from"

  3. In the "Kontakt" page,  the user is redirected to the "/tango-coach" page when he comes from that environment

  4. In the /veranstaltungen page, there wix.storage e funcitonality to let up the "/anmeldung" page know which Veranstaltung has been selected

  5. The /anmeldung page has code to extract substrings from the. post.title field and from the general post field.  These data are then used to pre-populate some fields on the screen, and in the registration form.

  6. In the email confirmation (=automation) send after the Anmeldung (page /anmeldung),   those extracted fields are used

That´s more or less it.   I hope I kept the code somewhat self-documenting, and avoided massively complex things.  Sometimes thanks to shere incompetence..