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Rotraut Rumbaum  Mindful Motion

Rotraut Rumbaum

Mindful Motion

Meditation and Sound: they go together! Try it with me!

Hello Expats,

Do you know how well meditation and sound go together? And how I can support you?

Meditation and music / sound

Some of you may prefer to meditate silently. Some of you may want music support. Some are eclectic, like me.

But it is not either/or: for example, the famous meditation teacher Daniel P Brown uses both approaches. In the concluding meditations in his 6 day retreat and his 3 hour followup he always uses "Structures of Silence" by Steven Roach. Listen below!

This 30 minute piece is used in the culminating parts of the retreats. It supports the so-called "Ocean and Wave" meditation, leading to the "One Taste" meditation.

If you want to know about the Ocean and Wave meditation, also from a neuroscience point of view, just check the article by Till Gebel, who has experienced the effectivity of Daniel Brown´s retreats.

And not to forget the Buddhist nun Samaneri Jayasara, who reads hundreds of meditative texts of all mystic traditions on Youtube, usually with an excellent selection of music.

Music and altered states

It´s by now well accepted that altered states (and a deep meditative state is an altered state) can be supported, and even created, by sound and music.

There is now an entire science and industry about this in the field of psychedelics and sound: for example, the sound researcher Alessandre Tannous works for the psychedelic retreat centre "Synthesisretreat" in the Netherlands. And the researcher Mendel Kaelen, who worked at the Psychedelic Research Centre of the Imperial College of London, created his own company "Mindpaths".

And everyone knows, that YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. are treasure troves of recorded electronic music suitable for meditation (and psychedelics...).

My studio, my gong and your meditation

And yes, you can use YouTube music at no cost. But this is definitely not comparable to the sound of a live gong. A large live played 105 cm gong can lead you into yet another level of meditative concentration and depth.

I don´t play the gong as you perhaps imagine it: as a "sound-war" machine.... Instead I play the gong as a meditation tool.

That is a special technique in which I took long training. The sound I generate is not overpowering, over-whelming and numbing out. It is suited to support your mind in the mental processes going on during meditation: letting to the mind´s eternal chatter, focusing on observing the mind´s activities itself, "opening the sense-doors" .

How can you use sound in meditation

Here you find a short overview of three possibilities to use sound as meditation (sound journey, concentration meditation, insight meditation).

How to use my offer

There are a few options:

  • As an individual, you can just join one of my regular sound journeys.

  • As an individual, you can have your individual session. This will allow a more individualised approach to creating sound.

  • You want to organise an event for a meditation group: contact me - you can pop over, and I can demonstrate to you my studio, my instruments and my approach.

Rotraut Rumbaum

Mindful Motion

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